Vintage Jar Labels

Vintage Jar Labels

Robertson's products became so popular that during the mid 20th Century they became the worlds largest preserve manufacturer. By this time they were filling a whopping 100 million glass jars each year!! The sheer quantities involved means there is a huge variety of associated jar labels available and such a collection makes for a wonderful display given their bright colours and distinctive designs.


The examples on this page are the original proof samples made for Robertson's by their chosen printers.


They have never been mounted on a jar so they are in mint condition and provide an excellent record of past designs. Usefully they are also dated on reverse in pencil.


Collectors would often try to remove jar labels for their collection and occasionally they would come away almost intact. Even today it is not too difficult to find good examples and as the main point of advertising for various promotions over the years, the labels provide a great source of information.