On this page we share some of the interesting variations of badges and other items that we have come across over the years. Many were discovered for the first time by the Gollyexpert. We have informed the official Golly Checklist of all of these discoveries and once verified they will make their way into future editions, for more information checkout www.gollychecklist.co.uk

5-Jan-2021:  Vintage Jar Labels
Vintage Jar LabelsRobertson's products became so popular that during the mid 20th Century they became the worlds largest preserve manufacturer. By this time they...Read more »

15-Dec-2020:  Golly One Whip Ice Cream
Golly One Whip Ice CreamAs Robertsons expanded in the immediate post WWII period their focus shifted to food items outside their traditional areas of jams and marmalades...Read more »

10-Dec-2020:  Miller Scout Variation
Miller Scout VariationThis is an interesting item that I purchased many years ago. Its a white waistcoat scout made by Miller in the 1960's. Its in great condition and...Read more »

12-Nov-2020:  Unknown Early Mask
Unknown Early MaskThe majority of genuine Robertson's items have been carefully catalogued over many years by the world's leading collectors and published...Read more »

10-Oct-2020:  1980's Blue Astronaut
1980In the early 1980's, golly badge manufacturing switched from the traditional home of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham to South East Asia. This...Read more »

8-Aug-2020:  New GAUNT backstamp
New GAUNT backstampWhenever I purchase a badge the first thing I do is check it against my private collection to see if it is a new variety. Given the minor detail which...Read more »

16-Jul-2020:  Pre-golly postcards
Pre-golly postcardsFor collectors of vintage postcards, the early designs by Robertsons are a real treatAs these images show there are a number available in the period before...Read more »

6-May-2020:  Unenamelled Dingley Standard
Unenamelled Dingley StandardThe white waistcoat era which runs from the post WWII period through to the 1970's creates the most opportunities for the keen golly badge collector...Read more »

6-Apr-2020:  Miller blue jacket variations
Miller blue jacket variationsSome of the finest badges ever made were by Mr Harry W Miller of Birmingham. Miller produced the first Golly badge for Robertsons in 1928 - the golfer...Read more »

29-Mar-2020:  Not Just Jam
Not Just JamRobertsons are most famous for being the world's leading preserve manufacturer, but their product range extended well beyond jams and marmalades....Read more »

22-Feb-2020:  1970 No Name Scout
1970 No Name ScoutGolly badges produced in the 1970's suffered from a distinct lack of quality control.Pitting, under-enamelling and poorly finished badges from this...Read more »

10-Jan-2020:  Golly Goes Global
Golly Goes GlobalThe Robertson's success story lead to the export of their famous Golden Shred brand to a large number of overseas territories during he 1950's...Read more »

17-Dec-2019:  1990's Backstamps H or V?
1990In the early 1990's, the golly badge designs changed from the numerous colourful sporting and musical designs of the 1980's to a rather mundane...Read more »

9-Nov-2019:  Original Artwork
Original ArtworkGolly merchandise undergoes a design phase before they are produced for Robertsons. This is where ideas and samples are produced and sent for ...Read more »

18-Oct-2019:  Castle Howard 1977
Castle Howard 1977Robertsons were involved in a number of sponsonships over the years. Due to the passion of the Chairman - Neil Robertson - for Hot Air Ballooning...Read more »

1-Aug-2019:  Recipes
RecipesRobertsons were keen for consumers to use their products as ingredients in recipes. To promote this they produced a range of recipe books and leaflets...Read more »

28-Apr-2019:  HMS Crichton shades
HMS Crichton shadesIn 1983, Robertsons began an association with the minesweeper HMS Crichton which resulted in the creation of one of the most desirable...Read more »

5-Feb-2019:  New FATTORINI 3a-1 variation
New FATTORINI 3a-1 variationAfter decades of thorough and careful research by major collectors - not least Colin Dodds who has been researching and cataloguing the range of official...Read more »

22-Jan-2019:  T in Circle - Three Shades of Blue
T in Circle - Three Shades of BlueTwo different shades of blue can be found on the jackets of the Golly badges from the 'white waistcoat' period - usually described as simply...Read more »

19-Jan-2019:  All Blue 1990's Policeman
All Blue 1990Following on from the blog of 14-Nov-16 with details of the 'All Green McGolly' this post reveals another variation of a popular badge -&...Read more »

16-Dec-2018:  Silver Pendant Variation
Silver Pendant VariationOne of my favourite designs are the Sporting Golly pendants in sterling silver commissioned by Robertsons in the early 1980's. The detail of the design...Read more »

28-Nov-2018:  Hockey Player Green Bar
Hockey Player Green BarMy favourite Golly badges are the prewar designs with yellow waistcoat produced by Miller. I am always looking to purchase more of these. I particularly...Read more »

14-Nov-2018:  All Green 1990's McGolly
All Green 1990When badge manufacture moved away from the more expensive hot-enamelled badges to the acrylic designs in the 1980's the issue of quality control still...Read more »

9ct Gold Viota Baker with Diamond C1985